Retaining Top Talent

As part of its recent annual Asia Pacific Regional Meet in February 2017, the IRC Global Executive Search Network organised a one-day HR Leadership Round Table event centred on the importance of ‘executive retention’.

This event was organised in collaboration with the IRC Institute (part of the IRC Network), a global thought leadership community of business professionals with common interests in developing practical knowledge related to leadership, management and the development of senior talent.

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of senior HR leaders and executives from 14 countries, the Round Table concluded that there were three key themes that emerged:

1) Executive retention is a key priority for Chief Executives;

2) Organisations are increasingly embracing innovativeness and flexibility in their approach to retention, by taking into account individual needs and preferences; and

3) Core competencies such as ‘learning agility’ and ‘adversity quotient’ are deeply valued due to the pace of change made possible by constant technological disruptions.

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